Innovation in versatility for CNC turning

Introducing the "Quickset GT" Gang Tool Holders. Model #QS-GT-II specially designed to fit the HAAS TL-1 or TL-2 CNC lathe 4 station automatic turret and model #QSGT-BXA, CXA, CA, & DA designed to fit Aloris, Dorian and other popular dovetail type tool posts. All tool holders are supplied with various size ER collet chucks depending on the model.

Innovative – Precision Made –Versatile – Time Saving

The Quickset GT is a high quality, accurate, easy to set up multiple tool holder.

The QuickSet GT is designed to enable automatic turrets to become gang tooling capable.

The QuickSet GT is precision ground and has a nitrocarburized black surface finish.

Now you can do all the drilling, tapping, ID boring and reaming operations with the same tool holder. The QuickSet GT increases the tool capacity so making parts that previously required second operations or tool changes, now becomes a streamlined efficient way to boost production and increase the efficiency of the original turret or tool post.

Drills, taps, reamers, boring bars, and bar pullers can all be held securely and accurately with QuickSet GT holders. All QuickSet GT holders are supplied with collet chucks. These collet chucks have a flat section for the set screw and a special short shank thereby keeping the set up compact and rigid. Additional collet chucks and collets are available.