"Be Still and Know that I am God" – Psalms 46:10


Fr. Kevin McGee – Saskatchewan Co-ordinator & Commissioned Presenter of C.P.
Phone: 306-384-1100
Email: kdgmcgee@hotmail.com

Marge Copeland – Commissioned Presenter of C.P.
Phone: 306-668-4982
Email: m.copeland@sasktel.net

"Faith is opening and surrendering to God. The spiritual journey does not require going anywhere because God is already with us and in us."

Open Mind, Open Heart
~ Thomas Keating

"The modern world lies under a pervasive sense of anguish, of being abandoned, or at least experiencing God as absent. Yet events that seem to turn our lives upside down and inside out are part of God's redemptive plan, not only for us, but for the world in which we live. God may be preparing a great awakening for the world, if God can find enough people to cooperate in this mysterious plan."

~ Fr. Thomas Keating